At the EMO trade show in Hannover, Monzesi presents the world premier of the new restyling of its entire Monza Line of centreless grinding machines: attractive design, more compact, and extreme flexibility in both machining and maintenance operations.

Monzesi introduces for the first time, at the EMO trade show in Hannover, the all-new design that characterises the entire Monza Line of centreless grinding machines. A modern and attractive aesthetic impact, more compact overall dimensions, and greater simplicity of use in the name of increased ergonomic design are the elements that characterise the restyling of the Monza Line, made up of five different models: Monza 420, Monza 520/250, Monza 620/350, and Monza 620/500. These innovations adapted to the Monza 420 model will be on display at the trade show. All of the Monza Line’s centreless grinding machines will be available for order in the new version as presented at the trade show, though the traditional versions will also remain in production, thus giving clients who need to integrate or expand their lines with additional machines of the same model the opportunity to preserve the overall aesthetic impact.

What Has Changed

The traditional version of the Monza Line products had a switchgear positioned outside of the body of the machine. In the newly restyled version the grinding machine now has a fairing that incorporates the switchgear within it. This provision makes it possible to eliminate the external passage of cables and to make the machine’s overall dimensions more compact. In fact, if one compares the floor space occupied by the two versions of the Monza Line, the new one occupies 100 mm more in width, but almost one full meter less in depth than the traditional one. The decision to incorporate all of the machine’s structures in the fairing permits easy and quick access for the performance of maintenance operations like, for example, simply filling the oil or for more involved work on the switchgear. In the new version, the positioning of the centreless grinding machine allows the operator to work more simply and more ergonomically on a daily basis than was possible with the traditional version. The new restyling of the Monza Line also allows for more flexibility in the personalisation of colours: painted during the final step in the manufacturing process, the fairing can now be given the colour requested by the client. Monzesi’s colours have always been grey, with the sliding protectors painted blue. Yet for the past few years Monzesi has been selling machines in the colours requested by the client, especially when it comes to the sliding doors. .


The restyling of the entire Monza Line took almost a year and a half of teamwork between General Manager Riccardo Pessina, the technical office, and the Monzesi technicians in charge of the machines’ manufacturing. “For years now, in terms of their mechanics, our machines have been considered extremely reliable. And in terms of electronics, for the past three years we have been working to make it possible for clients to personalise them with any electronic component they request,” stated Riccardo Pessina, General Manager of Monzesi. “We now wanted to take the third step: create an attractive design that, however, in no way compromises, but rather exalts, all of the characteristics which an operator requires in terms of maintenance, machine setup, ergonomics, and ease of use. Plus, this new image permits us to approach other markets, like that of the automotive sector.”