Published on Il Sole 24 Ore – National Issue – Saturday 21/11/2015

What makes Monzesi a world leader in planning, construction and marketing of cutting edge technology grinding machines, is the long lasting passion and love for mechanics. In the late 90’s Monzesi acquired Viotto Division, specialized in double disk grinders; Monza Division together with Viotto Division create the perfect combination that makes the company experience and his machines highly estimated all over the world.

The ingredients that make Monzesi a successful company are many: strong know-how , promotion of research and development, accurate analysis of the business based on an adequate rating, carefulness on improving investments return and reduction of risk margins. Monzesi attitude is about enhancement of his human resources, with the employment of high qualified technicians and young staff; selection of foreigner employees is also seen as a very important ingredient that brings to the company brand new experiences and allows to be sell in Brazil, USA, and soon a branch will be opened in Egypt. Although Monzesi is expanding overseas with his products, the planning and production of the machines are still 100% made in Italy.

In the picture, Piero Pessina, majority shareholder of Monzesi Srl